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27th - 29th April, 2012,
Siri Fort Auditorium,
New Delhi
DAY - 1    ::     27TH April, 2012, Friday
06:30 PM                         -      Inauguration
07:00 PM to 08:30 PM        -      Performance by Sunanda Pattnaik and
Pt. Hariprasad Chaurasia
DAY - 2    ::     28TH April, 2012, Saturday
10:00 AM  to  12:30 PM      -      Seminar on Classical aspects of Odissi Music
12:30 PM  to  01:15 PM      -      Screening of National Award winning documentary,
Nilamadhab by Dilip Pattnaik.
DAY - 3    ::     29TH April, 2012, Sunday
08:30 PM to 09:45 PM        -      International Premiere of documentary on
Odissi Music  by Susant Misra
followed by lecture demonstration sessions.
02:00 PM  to  03:30 PM      -      Ravana Chaaya (Gauranga Dash & His troupe)
and Pala (Radhe Shyam Panda & His troupe.
03:30 PM  to  09:45 PM      -      Odissi Sangeet, demonstrations and performances.
10:00 AM  to  12:30 PM      -      Seminar on Odissi Music as a distinct form in relation
12:30 PM  to  01:15 PM      -      Documentaries on music and dance by Ranjana Gauhar.
02:00 PM  to  04:00 PM      -      Goti pua (Chittaranjan Malia & His troupe), Prahalad Natak
(B. Khadenga & His troupe), Daskathia (Rama Hari Padhi & His troupe)
04:00 PM  to  09:00 PM      -      Odissi Sangeet, demonstrations and performances.
to Hindusthani & Carnatic Music followed by lecture demonstrations
Renowned Artists:
Prof. Ramahari Dash, Shyamamani Pattanaik, Bijay Jena, Mohapatra Minati Bhanja and many others

Leading Dancers & renowned Gurus:
Guru Gopal Panda,
Dr. Prafulla Kar,
Dr. Shantanu Mohapatra, Mohini Mohan Pattanaik,
Guru Ramahari Dash,
Prof. Rajkishore Misra,
Rajat Kar, Kirtan Padhi, Padmasri  Ranjana Gauhar,
Kavita Dwibedi, Dr. Subhas Pani
and others.
Special attractions:
Odia Cuisine: Authentic Odia lunch and dinner along with mouthwatering Odia snacks and sweets (Bikala Kar rasagolla, chenna poda, chenna muduki, dahibara aludum, aluchop, guguni etc.)

Odia Handicraft and handloom exhibition by Utkalika & Boyanika.

Odia flavoured Art & Culture (Music & Film), Book, CD & DVD stalls.
Organised by: